Hello and Welcome!

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LIFE : Sometimes poetic and pretty; sometimes dramatic and dreadful – when lived wholeheartedly, life shows off a little chaos in the poetry, and a little pretty in all the drama.... :)

Every life experience, whatever it's flavor, tells us a story, and I enjoy weaving words to tell these stories. Over the years I've come to realize that in doing so, I'm able to find more joy and beauty in unexpected places.  

I truly cherish (and pause for) the Aa-ha! moments in life.  Perhaps, a few lines from a good book, a full moon night, a kick-boxing class, a blow-out sale at your favorite store.  One personal favorite:  When my husband makes jokes in the middle of an argument. :)  Some of these are a string of many moments - priceless, nevertheless. 

This blog is for sharing experiences and stories about the beauty in everyday happenings, and appreciating it.  I think that everyone is equally blessed with the power to create greater harmony and be more content in their lives.  

I look forward to interacting with you – thanks much for stopping by and I hope you'll visit soon and often.  Have a beautiful day!