April 28, 2011

A Beautiful Makeover

“Infinite patience brings immediate results.” ~Wayne Dyer

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with Kassie Garlock, a superstar designer, for a new blog design and layout (look, look...!)  I bumped into her site while surfing the Internet one fine day.  At that point, I had no intention to give this blog a new look, let alone getting professional help.  But Kassie’s designs bowled me over – I absolutely loved her portfolio and I knew she’d be the “one” for me. ;)

Without much-ado, please take your attention to Designs by Kassie – her e-studio of gorgeous work.  I found an impressive collection of artistic goodies, ranging from funky, sassy and sexy, to elegant, chic and cutesy.  The best part (for a stickler like me) was the neatness and clean finish in all of her designs. 

No wait, the best part actually, is her customer service.  A++.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I requested revisions, but I remember that every time I did, she promptly responded with the edits; not once refusing to make any alterations (even after we finalized the final draft).  Believe me you – after a point it got a little onto me just marking out the changes – while she was really getting them done!  Also, her pricing is very reasonable (not that I scouted a lot) but go see for yourself and you'll agree.

Being fairly new to the blogosphere, I'm even more excited about filling up this space, thanks to my beautiful blog makeover.   Kassie, you go girl!


  1. Oh, Purvi! You are such a sweetheart!! It was fun working on the designs with you! I am so happy you like how it all turned out! :)

  2. Love the make-over Purvi!

  3. The makeover looks really great :)

  4. Purvi - This looks really fantastic! Now I hope to see you blogging a lot more ;)

  5. Thanks Corinne. Have been in a different world last whole month - family is here from India - enjoying thoroughly. I'll be back in the blog world soon.

  6. Ah! Have a ball - we'll be around when you get back to earth ;)