April 07, 2011

Meditation : It's for Everyone

The most simple and profound understanding of meditation that I've heard so far, goes like this: Without ever trying or being taught we all have experienced a meditative state at some point.  Watching a beautiful sunset, the first time we fell in love, or listening to the waves lashing at our feet.  It happens when the mind settles down.  There comes a calm, and from that calmness activity commences. 

Recently I signed up for weekly meditation webinars.  You get online from the comfort of your home (or any place else) and the instructor guides the group into a short meditation.  After a general introduction to meditation, questions are addressed, if any.  Most sessions include first-timers, as well as folks with a meditation practice.   The webinars last for about 45 minutes,  and did I mention they're free?  Pretty cool. 

Looking back, I wonder how meditation got me.   I recall it started with a couple of questions:  How do I live fully in a world that is constantly changing, and demanding more and more everyday?  How do I cultivate a greater sense of awareness and purpose in relationships at home or at the workplace?

I often feel there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want, even though (interestingly) I’ve been on my own, flexible schedule since a few months now.  But I can safely state that having or not having a fixed routine (work or school) has little to do with having any less or more time.  Ultimately it’s a game of catching up – whatever the priorities and objectives at hand. 

Meditation is the tool that helps me get back to a natural state of being, whenever I want it or need it.   More often than not, that channels into better productivity, creativity, and a general sense of direction.

Stress is normally a huge trigger for most people.  It overpowers us so many times, and so many times we have trouble overcoming its influence in our lives.  For me, meditating does the trick.  I’ve noticed a significant shift in attitude when dealing with challenging situations or people.

Then of course, there are relaxing spa days, inspiring films, occasional venting-off's and sleeping-in's that generously recharge my batteries – delicious cherries on the cake.  Sometimes, the whole cake too. :)  But meditation takes the level of energy and the level of happiness to a much deeper level – rather long lasting. 

This past weekend I was freakishly engrossed in the ICC World Cup Finals between India and Sri Lanka.  Truly a magnificent game of Cricket for any diehard Cricket fan.  And after all of the cheering and applause, I couldn’t help but think about the Indian Captain.  He was supremely composed and centered in spite of extreme pressure.  A good example of meditation in motion: peacefully dynamic and giving his best while dropping the effort.

Meditation is an opportunity to access a reservoir of centeredness and peace.  It might not be a piece of cake to begin with, but the process is entertaining and gratifying – in due course.  I mean, can you imagine closing your eyes and silently sitting for just a few minutes, doing nothing?

I guess I’ll leave you with that image.... :)

PS- The meditation practice I mention is called Sahaj Samadhi Meditation (a.k.a. The Art of Meditation).  Check it out, if you like.  [Webinars are free; the full course has a fee]


  1. Purvi - Yes, I wish we'd all meditate more..the world would indeed be a happier and more peaceful place. I'm going to check out the webinars.

  2. I honestly cant remember the last time i just sat for a few mins without my mind racing in ten different directions. I'll go as far as saying its prob years...
    But after reading this i think i want to try:)

  3. Corinne - The direct link to webinars is here: and you may also like to check out their FB page at:

  4. Akanksha, please do :) I'm here for any questions or info. you need.

  5. Hey Purvi,

    What a lovely writeup. I have done my basic course from AOL. I heard about the Sahaj Samadhi meditation workshop going to be held this May, during the refresher's meet a couple of days ago and I am enrolling myself and my siblings too for the same...I feel so positive and all the more excited that I happened to read about SSM on your blog, your writeup is inspiring. All the very best to you and your very inspirational blog.... JaiGurudev! :)

  6. Hi Veena! I'm excited for you, too. :) Tell me all about your Sahaj experience once you take the course. Thanks a lot for your wonderful compliments and wishes - glad you enjoyed the post!